Our Process

On the rare occasion that the stories of women are shared, they are often written for an adult audience, never have their stories been designed to teach history and inspire children the way Leesta is doing. Leesta is a content creating company, which strives to teach history through visually sophisticated and engaging methods of storytelling.


We are looking to share the stories of women who have contributed to America’s History. Stories of women who have had a national impact, inspiring others throughout generations, but are often excluded from history books.



To create an engaging yet accurate narrative for the women we do extensive research using some of the best history resources in the world. From the libraries and professors at The University of Michigan, to working closely with museums like the Charles H. Wright African American museum in Detroit.

Script & Sound

Ideally we like to work with the woman herself or her foundation to narrow down her story to main events. Then using our connections in the education field and in the history department our talented writer creates a script that is at an 8-11 year old reading level and colloquially representative of the time period. Then we find a voice for the women to narrate the story in first person, allowing children to connect with the stories on a more empathetic level.


We believe in sophisticated designs worthy of children’s attention. Each profile is uniquely illustrated to couple the historical research done in the script as well as the art of the time period the profile is set in.



After our illustrations have been completed, our animator brings these images to life. The movement is controlled by the viewer, and adds another level of engagement.

Creating the Game

All of the components are then thoughtfully assembled to create a powerful narrative. We have included questions that tie in with the story all throughout the game, that will help the children retain the information they are learning. Once answered correctly, these questions will garner points, and unlock activities like recipes, character wardrobe changes, and crafts.