The Leesta Module

Our team is designing a set of modules. Each one will focus on the life of one woman but will tell a larger narrative of American history along the way. Our modules are designed to be versatile so that they can be used in after school programs, homes, and classrooms all across the country. Each module contains a short written bio, lesson plans, and an iOS game.


Bio Database

We are developing a multimedia open-source database of influential women, a resource designed for K-5 readers that will be open to the public as a supplementary tool for any elementary U.S history lesson. We are providing short and descriptive wikipedia-like biographies that will include integrated images and video clips. The majority of information that is currently out there about women in American history is written for an adult audience and often at a higher ed level.

Lesson Plans & Activities

Each lesson plan is designed by educators to align to ELA standards, & meet the social studies C3 Framework standards. These will include DBQs, short writing prompts, vocab lists, problem-solving group work, and place-based activities, making it easy for teachers and educators to incorporate in classrooms and after school programs.

The Game

The game is the core of Leesta’s resources, which allows children to experience the lives of the women from childhood through adulthood. The game is designed to be more informative and engaging than a textbook. Teachers can use these iOS games as supplementary teaching aids in classrooms, as well as children can use the site to learn at their own pace.

Our Beta game on the life of Grace Lee Boggs is in the process of being created. Follow along on our progress!

Nominate a Woman

In the near future we aspire to create interactive games for the profiles shown below. If there is a woman in American history that you find inspirational, please let us know!

  • Name
  • How did she change history?
  • Where did you learn about her?

Coming Soon