Julia Child


Julia Child

“Chef, TV Show Host, & Writer”
(Aug. 15, 1912 – Aug. 13, 2004)

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Julia Child was a marvelous chef, journalist and even well known on TV. Julia is known for being the first lady to branch out from cooking at home to working as a professional chef. Julia changed the face of cooking in America because she made it into a fun experience for people to enjoy, rather than a chore.

She was born on August 15, 1912, in California. Julia came from a family that had a lot of money, therefore she was lucky enough to go to a very good school that gave her a great education. Later in life, she went to Smith College in Massachusetts with plans to be a writer.

When Julia got older, she moved to Washington DC and volunteered for a very important agency that involved the government. In her job, she was responsible for communicating top secret documents for the government. This job sent all around the world including places such as China. While working in Asia, Julia started a relationship with Paul Child who also worked for the government. This is also when Julia began to fall in love with food and the art of cooking. She was amazed at all the different types of cooking techniques and food at the different restaurants Asia had to offer. When they returned to America, Paul and Julia decided to get married.

Shortly after they were married, Paul and Julia moved to Paris. While in Paris, Julia became fascinated with French food. At this time, Julia was looking for a career and she decided because she was so fascinated with cooking, she would study at Le Cordon Bleu, a very well known cooking school in France. A lot of people did not believe she was not good enough to go to this school because she was not only American but also a woman. But she was determined and proved everyone wrong. While living in Paris, Julia got much better at cooking. She loved it so much, she and two others would publish a 734-page cookbook called “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” This was one of her biggest accomplishments.

While introducing her book on television, Julia was so well liked that she was asked to run her own cooking show. Her cooking show, “The French Chef” was the first cooking show around! She showed ordinary people at home that it was okay to make mistakes and to learn from your mistakes. Her personality made her the face of cooking in America and everyone loved her!

Julia Child died in August of 2004, two days before her 92nd birthday. Julia will be remembered for changing the way Americans think about cooking. Julia taught people how to enjoy and celebrate the art of cooking with family and friends.

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Reflection Questions

What is your favorite meal someone has cooked for you?
Why is cooking important?